Its 2021 — Digitize Your Business Card!

Its always an exciting feeling to finally cement your new minted business by printing your first box of business cards, but handing it to actual people was not happening nearly enough to get rid of them. I currently have 2–3 boxes my old business cards that I had redesigned multiple times, but I actually get my contact info and website across through introductory emails, text references, or social media. I don’t even take business cards personally — I snap a picture on my phone or scan a QR code. With everything going online and our everyday routines running on mobile devices — it makes sense to create a digital version of my business card to share as a text, email, or a direct message on the go.

So what goes into a digital business card?

  1. Your Business Name
  2. Your Contact Information — email, phone number, office address
  3. Website
  4. Social Media — market your business by adding social handles to your digital card.
  5. QR Code bring functionality to the digital card by doing an action when someone scans your QR code like automatically adding your contact on their device or saving your graphic in their downloads.
  6. Profile image or images of your business/service/store
  7. Slogan — personalize your digital card by adding your business slogan

How do I make a digital business card?

I found 3 different ways you can share your business and contact information as a digital business card. Here are the different approaches you can take:

One-page mini-sites for multiple links.

One way you can create your digital card, is through “mini landing page” sites like, or Linktree that directs viewers to multiple links to your information such as your website, email, online shop, or social media. These sites provide you with a short url that you can add to your email signature or share within your network by providing the link in your messages or text.

These one-pager platforms are great because you can customize multiple call to actions and for some platforms they allow you to access the analytics for free. It can also works as a webpage if you don’t have an existing site.

Create a mobile/desktop graphic

Running on Pixels has a link that you can check out here, but I think its also important to have an actual graphic that you can download and store on your phone or on your desktop ready to be sent whenever.

Access free design websites that are easy to drag and drop design elements and colors to create your digital business card graphic and download as a .png or .jpeg to store for later. is my go to for quick design. Before you get started — lets figure out the sizing. Decide if you want to work with portrait vs. landscape, if I were to suggest the best one for mobile friendly design — I would go with portrait.

Standard business cards are 3.5"x 2" or 1050 x 600 pixels. For portrait or mobile friendly width you can do 600 x 1050 or 750 x 750 pixels for a square design. Play around with the sizing based on how much content you want to add to your digital business card.

Here is an example of my digital business card I made on Canva. You can drag and drop shapes, I used a bunch of color-block rectangles and a circle to design the example below. You can also type in “business cards” under template and use pre-layout designs to get started.

After I added all the elements, text, and images — I created a QR code that would link to my website using You also have options to create a vcard, or send a text or email with your information. Once the graphic is complete, you can download the file directly and save it on your desktop or store it on your phone.

Design your digital card through an app

There are tons of free apps for creating and storing digital business cards. I came across a few below, check them out on iOS, android, and desktop.

Customizable business cards.

HayStack App
Personalized client experience

WeCards App
Multiple Cards Management

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