Free Resume Builders with Great Design Templates

Building templates can be fun with these easy to use platforms.

I have been working/surviving as a freelance designer for about a year now and I’ve updated my resume only about twice this entire time — not the best on my part. I know its important to update your resume more often, within situations like highlighting a set of skills for a particular company, position, experience level, or industry. All of these points are important in landing interviews with new opportunity but they also bring me a ton of anxiety as my head starts wrapping around all the work that needs to get started, which makes me procrastinate and build more anxiety in the process. As my mind starts building out the steps of re-writing, researching, going through my work timeline — my creative side also tortures me with how the ideas for my layout, colors, type, infographics, charts, and images- and then I find myself clicking “resume building” down my Trello task list, filed away for “later”.

I knew I couldn't put this project off too long — so I started researching resume builder platforms that s easy to use and make the process more fun. My brain its made design first — content later. I’m a visual person — and when colors and layouts start coming together, then I can start piecing together the information that will filter through a nice custom template I put together.

I didn’t want to have to open up my Adobe programs like InDesign or Illustrator to create my templates, I wanted a browser site I can access right away with an easy drag and drop system and pre-templated resume layouts. These are the sites I found and loved, and I hope it helps you on your resume building experience.

This resume builder is my #1 favorite. I love that you don’t have to register for an account to get started. The platform is mobile friendly if you want to create your resume on your phone from bed. Once you update your content and create your design you can download the pdf right away and there is an option to create a login if you want to store your information for next time. The template layout options are minimal in style but add a modern touch with the selected colors and how information is structured through the different template styles. If your looking for clean and sleek templates is perfect for you.

- No registration needed!
- Mobile Friendly
- PDF download for free
- Login portal to save information
- Clean minimal template layouts (free) offers 8 templates with the free membership. My favorite is the “Bold Modern and Eye Catching” example below. The platform is easy to use. You can add your information from LinkedIn or create your resume manually section by section. The free membership allows you to share a resume link, unfortunately you cannot download the PDF unless you upgrade to the Web and PDF membership for $19/month.

- Modern template designs.
- Import information from LinkedIn
- Receive a link to share your resume
- Mobile friendly

- Cannot download PDF without signing up for the Web and PDF paid membership $19/month

The builder app on Desktop. This template is the “Modern, elegant, and creative”.

Another platform that does not require registration to get started. I love this feature so much, I hate adding new random accounts in my email just to try an app or platform. allows you to test their platform right away without having to sign up. The platform gives you an option to custom build your resume through using their “content” and “design” tools. Its super easy to use, below are some example pictures of how the builder looks like. You can also start with a pre-made template if that's easier for you.

The dashboard also offers an “Application” tracking system where you can list jobs, notes, to-do list, and files.

- Mobile Friendly
- ATS Ready — platform technology to align your resume for keyword parsing for common Application Tracking Systems used by companies HR teams, and recruiters.
- Free to use
- No registration needed
- PDF download
- Custom builder
- Track your Application, To-do list, Notes has great features to offer besides resume templates and a pdf download option. They also have CV templates, spell checker + pre-written phrases which are all so helpful when your mind goes blank filling in your resume information. I like how they give you an option to download as a Word file or even a .txt file (not sure where you use this, but hey good to know!)

The site is free to use, you don't need to register to get started. The site provides a resource blog and even a video link to educate further on their resume building functionality. The mobile site is responsive and easy to use with my phone.

- No registration needed
- Mobile friendly
- Spell Checker
- Pre-written Phrases
- Resume writing support
- Video demonstration
- Download your file as a pdf, word, or txt file

I discovered on a random google search for Canva alternatives and like the platform very much. They have really cute template designs for resumes and they are all free. You do have to register in order to download your pdf, however you can play around with the builder tools and test the templates without having to register. You can download the app on your phone and create your resume fully mobile.

- No registration to use but you need to register to download your file
- Building tool for resumes and any other documents you may need
- Tons of free templates that are really cute
- Mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store

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