My Project Management Routine and Productivity Tips

As a freelance worker — my work schedule and to-do list switches up everyday. It can be overwhelming when a ton of projects land on you last second and other days can have a stretch of free time to dedicate to personal projects or marketing yourself to new clients. Figuring how to prioritize all the days task takes a couple of apps on my end. Below are my favorite project management platforms and routines that help me work smarter not harder.

Project Management Apps


There are tons of PM systems out there, not all of them…

What is a digital business card and how do I make one?

Its always an exciting feeling to finally cement your new minted business by printing your first box of business cards, but handing it to actual people was not happening nearly enough to get rid of them. I currently have 2–3 boxes my old business cards that I had redesigned multiple times, but I actually get my contact info and website across through introductory emails, text references, or social media. I don’t even take business cards personally — I snap a picture on my phone or scan a QR…

I have been working/surviving as a freelance designer for about a year now and I’ve updated my resume only about twice this entire time — not the best on my part. I know its important to update your resume more often, within situations like highlighting a set of skills for a particular company, position, experience level, or industry. All of these points are important in landing interviews with new opportunity but they also bring me a ton of anxiety as my head starts wrapping around all the work that needs to get started, which makes me procrastinate and build more…


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